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We protect our customer’s brand and reputation by working closely with the paint and coating industry. We keep valuable decorative paints and protective coatings secure, prior to safe and controlled dispensing.

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Why choose Rieke?

At Rieke, we have developed pull-out spouts and flexspouts that help make painting, coating and varnishing tasks easier. They are available in a range of closure diameters to suit different products and viscosities.

Additionally, our wide variety of screw caps can be used for either metal or plastic containers to keep your paints and coatings in good condition between uses. Our caps and lids will prevent  unwanted liquids or substances from contaminating your products, helping to keep them at their best for as long as possible.


Enhancing your brand

Being close to our customers, we provide customized products enabling our customers to increase on-shelf presence, enhance their product offering and protect their brands.

Innovation and R&D

We continually innovate to deliver products that meet the needs of today and tomorrow. First to market innovation gives our customers the edge to compete in a challenging market.

Global footprint

We have 21 locations around the world. All are focused on developing and delivering your packaging solutions.

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