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This Is Us

Solving challenges is in our DNA

That is why after 100 years in the packaging space we are still the leading partner to protect and enhance your brands and products

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At Rieke, we understand the importance of a brand, including the level of investment that goes into them and the value they hold. We take pride knowing our global customers have the confidence and trust in Rieke to protect their brands through the life journey of their products.

It’s Rieke’s mission to protect and enhance your brand by providing high-quality packaging solutions that withstand challenging fulfillment channels, enhance sustainability, and are resistant to tampering, damages, leakage and counterfeiting.

Our Vision is to provide INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS of EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE and VALUE through market-leading-brands

We will achieve this vision by engaging our employees and focusing on our core values


We operate in a culture of the highest ethical standards, seek to lead by example, and are committed to improving the safety in our work areas, our communities and the environment.


We continuously strive to provide superior levels of quality, delivery, service and total value to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


We value all of our employees, treat each other with mutual respect and encourage collaboration to drive innovation.


We are committed to achieving our performance goals, with a focus on fact-based decision making.

Continuous Improvement

We embrace the tools of Kaizen and foster a culture of employee engagement to drive performance improvements and Operational Excellence.