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our platform for a

sustainable future

We are proud to present our revolutionary new fully recyclable, single-polymer dispensing pump for the beauty and personal care market.

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About TriMas Packaging Group

We have a pact with Mother Nature

Join us on our journey toward a world where everything is responsibly sourced, ideally designed, efficiently manufactured and effectively recovered.

Our commitment to sustainability

We can boost your business

By applying a holistic view of your specific packaging needs, our product experts ensure new innovations are developed faster to help you gain a competitive edge.

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Pioneering safe and reliable industrial packaging

From agricultural chemicals to automotive products, our commitment to safety, leak prevention and user protection ensures your products exceed industry standards.

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An experienced global partner your business can depend on

We are world leaders in the development and manufacture of dispenser pumps, sprayers, caps, closures and industrial drum products

Expertise & Know-how

for a Wide Range of Products

We design your product to meet your every need

At Rieke, we are committed to being an innovative, world leader in the development and manufacturing of dispensing systems and closure for the global market. We continually innovate to deliver products that meet the needs of today and tomorrow, bringing a competitive advantage to your products.

First to market innovation gives our customers the edge to compete in a crowded market. We provide differentiated products to enable you to increase on-shelf presence to help you grow your brand(s).

Global Experts with a

Global Manufacturing Footprint

We offer a global, world-class manufacturing footprint

Our global network of manufacturing facilities is strategically located to best service and support your needs. We offer tailored solutions to help your brand stand out.
We go beyond rigid packaging, with our design and production teams using their manufacturing expertise and market intelligence to redefine how users interact with your products.



Consumers are asking for responsible packaging

To make significant steps towards a sustainable future, we believe that great product design is key. By effectively optimizing a product’s design, we can significantly reduce demand on raw materials and resources.

At the end of life, good design allows the product to be easily re-used, recycled or composted. Moving away from a linear model of consumption and towards a circular economy is not only good for the environment, but it also makes great business sense.



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We have the knowledge and capability to develop a variety of products for a wide range of markets.

Over the years, we have become specialists in our primary five end markets, but still find ourselves happily venturing outside of these. Through the high-quality packaging solutions that we provide, we have become a highly-trusted global packaging partner.

Discover our range of packaging and dispensing products designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Beauty and Personal Care market.

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Whether for consumer purchase or for use in restaurants, all our food and beverage products are FDA-approved, with secure designs to prevent any contaminants getting in or spillages getting out.

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We work with you to ensure your product stands out on the shelf and accurately represents your brand.

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It is incredibly important for medications and pharmaceutical products to be manufactured in safe and hygienic conditions in order to ensure they work safely and effectively.

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We have a broad range of industrial closures and drum product solutions to meet even the most challenging project needs.

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