Market leader Rieke's FLEXSPOUT closure designed for plastic and metal containers

Industry-leading tamper evident pull out closure created to add additional security against product counterfeiting. It provides the perfect solution for industrial chemicals, paints and coatings applications.

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  • Pull out spout for optimum dispensing control
  • Tamper evident tear out diaphragm to ensure product integrity
  • Anti-glug tabs to ensure smooth pouring


  • Increased security against counterfeiting and manipulation, ensuring your product is delivered as intended
  • Foldable spout for ease of handling with precise pouring every time
  • Best in class chemical compatibility
  • Personalized logo printing on the cap for brand differentiation upon request
  • Recyclable in metal or plastic containers


  • Size: 63mm Rieke developed industry standard for metal or plastic containers
  • 40 mm Thread System
  • Tool required
  • Pieces per box: 500

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