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We protect our customer’s brand and reputation by working closely with the janitorial industry. We keep potentially dangerous or hazardous chemicals secure, prior to safe and controlled dispensing.

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Why choose Rieke?

Janitorial products are incredibly similar to household cleaning products, but can sometimes be stronger depending on the environment they are used in. Public food spaces and restrooms often require stronger cleaning chemicals to manage the higher volume of traffic and usage during the day.

From antibacterial surface sprays to window cleaners, many of these products are dispensed through trigger bottles, with some using foamers or sprayers. Janitorial products may often include large volume bottles of cleaning products such as bleach or disinfectant. To prevent leakages or spillages, our caps and closures keep these products stored safely and our trigger handles ensure an even dispersion of product when required.


Safe and secure

Our secure closures are designed to prevent anything unwanted getting into your product – and also stop anything from getting out when it’s not needed, preventing leaks and spills

Controlled dispensing

Our pull-out spout closures, faucets and dispenser pumps allow you to undertake safe, controlled dispensing. Our extensive range includes anti-glug, tamper evidence, and dispensing options.

Chemical compatibility

All our products are extremely rigid and are constructed with high-quality resins to ensure that if you drop or damage your container your product will remain safely inside.

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