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We protect our customer’s brand and reputation by working closely with the petrochemical industry. We keep potentially dangerous or hazardous chemicals secure, prior to safe and controlled dispensing.

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Why choose Rieke?

Petrochemicals are derived from compounds found in crude oil and are used in a multitude of materials that make up much  of our day-to-day materials. We understand the importance of reliable and durable storage when it comes to petrochemicals and other hazardous chemicals as our company started with the development of thread closures for oil drums.

We have maintained our founder’s focus on innovation to create a range of safety seals and closure systems, including plugs, flanges, over caps, drum faucets, flexspouts, gaskets and vents. All of these products are suitable for the large drums and big containers that petrochemicals are often stored in, and provide a reliable way to maintain a safe environment at all times.


Protecting & enhancing you brand

Being close to our customers, we provide customized products enabling our customers to increase on-shelf presence, enhance their product offering and protect their brands.

Innovation and R&D

We continually innovate to deliver products that meet the needs of today and tomorrow. First to market innovation gives our customers the edge to compete in a challenging market.

Technical support

Our extensive technical support network reduces the demands on your own in-house packaging teams, saving you money to invest in more value-added activities.

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