Experts in automotive dispensers & closures

We protect our customer’s brand and reputation by working closely with the automotive industry. We keep potentially dangerous or hazardous chemicals secure, prior to safe and controlled dispensing.

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Why choose Rieke?

Our range of automotive closures are suitable for a range of product viscosities, with anti-glug spouts available to ensure that all of the liquid product goes where it is needed without spillages. For higher levels of accuracy, pull-out spouts are also available.

Enhancing your brand

Being close to our customers, we provide customized products enabling our customers to increase on-shelf presence, enhance their product offering, increase profits and protect their brands.

Safe and secure

Our secure closures are designed to prevent anything unwanted getting into your product – and also stop anything from getting out when it’s not needed, preventing leaks and spills

Controlled dispensing

Our pull-out spout closures have bails built into the closure that allow you to lift and extend the spout for easy, controlled dispensing. Our extensive range of closures include anti-glug, tamper evidence, and a broad range of options.

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