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Why choose Rieke?

Whether they are kept under the kitchen sink or in a cupboard in the bathroom, every house has a collection of household cleaning products. From antibacterial sprays to window cleaners, a lot of these products are dispensed through trigger sprays, foamers, or simply secured with child resistant caps.

As these products can often contain harsh chemicals, it’s important to know that the containers that hold them are reliable, durable and resistant to leakages or tampering. You can trust Rieke to provide packaging solutions that meet all of these requirements and more, ensuring your products are always evenly dispersed when in use, and protected when they’re not.

Accurate measured dosing

From dispensing pumps that help you measure out your cleaning agent, to caps specifically designed for stain removers, we have a wide range of solutions.

Solutions for a wide range of formulas

No matter how complex your formula is, we have a concrete solution to offer you from the most standard product to the most innovative ones.

Customized options

You can benefit from our wide range of customized options to differentiate your product and idea from the competition. Aesthetic designs, output options and closure size are only some of the possibilities.

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