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Why choose Rieke?

Modern gardens can range in complexity, from paved patios and family-friendly lawns to blooming floral paradises and intricate landscaping. No matter which one sits beyond your back doors, there is always the risk of your favorite plant being attacked by pests or weeds growing through even the smallest of gaps. Even setting up a pool or a barbecue in the summer can have a detrimental effect on your lawn.

Whether you’re using pesticides, weed killers or even a lawn-enhancement product, it is important to ensure the packaging and dispensing systems are not only reliable, but also suitable for the chemicals involved. At Rieke, all of our pumps, trigger sprayers, pouring spouts and caps are designed to be durable, ensuring the perfect result every time.


Solutions for a wide range of formulas

No matter how complex your formula is, we have a concrete solution to offer you from the most standard product to the most innovative ones.

Customized options

You can benefit from our wide range of customized options to differentiate your product and idea from the competition. Aesthetic designs, output options, color and closure size are only some of the possibilities.

Innovative approach

We have dedicated staff and resources to convert packaging ideas and projects into solid solutions.

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