Swift Doser Sprayers

Rieke’s innovative solution for the oral administering of medicines to animals, was recognised at the inaugural Pet’s & Vet’s Packaging Innovation Awards 

The awards celebrate outstanding achievements by packaging teams, in response to marketing briefs in these fast-growing sectors. The Swift Doser was acclaimed in the Veterinary and Hygiene section. The dispenser is designed for the easy dispense of liquids, lotions and creams in a wide variety of viscosities.

The Swift Doser features a user-friendly ergonomic design that delivers an accurate calibrated dose each time, from 0.5 to 3ml, enabling it to be tailored to individual customer and product requirements. 

For ease of dosing, a variety of applicator sizes is available and it can be operated in an inverted mode. Giving any animal an accurate dose of medicine anytime without any struggles. Our Swift Doser offers a simple and versatile solution, and we are delighted at its success in these awards. 

To learn more about our swift doser click here.  

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