Inextricably linked: TriMas Packaging’s Affaba & Ferrari™ to introduce tethered cap solutions

TriMas Packaging’s Affaba & Ferrari™ to introduce tethered cap solutions

A few years ago, images of dead seagulls with their bellies full of plastic particles traveled around the world. The message was clear: man-made pollution is gradually destroying the environment. In 2024, a new European Union (EU) directive will be introduced to reduce the number of discarded plastic closures in nature, and it is already becoming apparent that other countries around the globe will introduce similar regulations.
Within the next three years, so-called tethered caps – caps that remain firmly attached to the bottle after opening and during use – will be part of everyday life for consumers. Tethered cap closures are permanently attached to disposable beverage containers, including composite packaging such as beverage cartons with a volume of up to three liters. The aim is to recycle the caps together with the containers and prevent littering of the environment caused by discarded caps. This is another step in sustainability for the beverage industry. Once again, Affaba & Ferrari, an innovative brand of U.S.-based TriMas Packaging, is at the forefront of the industry and has announced that it will soon introduce tethered caps, for filling aseptically, to its portfolio of closure solutions.
An important step forward
Affaba & Ferrari has decades of expertise and extensive experience in this field, regardless of EU requirements. “Our customers need to be aware of the possible measures they need to adopt and investments they need to make at an early stage, in order to implement against the regulatory backdrop,” says Howard Manning, VP Closure Product Division. All manufacturers of soft drinks, still-water products, aseptic drinks and beer in the EU must convert their systems by July 2024.
With this goal in mind, TriMas Packaging has accelerated advancements in the field of closures. The innovation leader announced that it will be introducing tethered caps to the market by the end of 2021. The products will feature a new screw and flip concept with a self-locking hinge that ensures food protection, while facilitating convenient consumption and reducing the impact of plastic caps on the environment.