Rieke Facility in Neunkirchen, Germany Invests in Renewable Energy

In a step toward a more sustainable future, our Rieke facility, located in Neunkirchen, Germany, has recently completed the installation of roof-mounted solar panels, covering an impressive 1,453 square meters. 

This renewable, clean and sustainable energy source is already being utilized to power a portion of our manufacturing processes in Baddi, India; Forlì, Italy; and Thu Dau Mot, Vietnam.

Through investments in equipment upgrades and energy-efficient technologies, our TriMas Packaging facilities are continuously making considerable reductions in energy consumption. In 2022, the Neunkirchen facility replaced two older, hydraulic Injection Molding Machines (IMMs) with two new, high-efficiency electrical IMMs. Additionally, this site, along with many of our facilities, has implemented LED lighting replacement programs, replacing old, inefficient incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with energy-efficient, motion-activated LED lighting systems.

“As an innovative leader in sustainability, we are determined to safeguard the environment by taking proactive measures to decrease our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,” stated Heiner Moller, Plant Manager, Neunkirchen Germany. “Since the injection molding process for packaging closures can be fairly energy-intensive, improving energy efficiency is an environmentally-friendly way to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. By investing in more energy efficient equipment, designing better processes and encouraging responsible employee behavior, we have significantly reduced our energy use and carbon emissions, positively impacting our carbon footprint.”

With ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems certification, our Neunkirchen facility is dedicated to achieving lower energy usage and a higher degree of sustainability throughout its operations.

As we further integrate renewable energy sources and implement energy-efficient technologies, TriMas Packaging remains committed to setting new standards for sustainable manufacturing. The installation of solar panels in Neunkirchen and the ongoing focus on energy efficiency are just a couple of examples of how TriMas Packaging is leading the way toward a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

Learn more about our collective efforts toward a greener future in our latest Sustainability Report.