Preventing Factory Fires

The United State Fire Department reported that on an average there are 1,210 warehouse structure fires per year (Between the years of 2009-2013)

Each fire cost the company an average of $155 million in property damages and $20 million in civilian injuries! However, fusible drum closures can reduce the catastrophic events and investigations cause by industrial fires. 
Rieke has been innovating in the industrial market for 100 years. All of these years have equipped Rieke with the technology and expertise to design closures that will protect your product and warehouse spaces from industrial fires. That is why Rieke developed a wide range of plastic plugs for industrial steel drums.  
Our plastic plugs, safely release pressure from drums in the event of a fire, are Factory Mutual (FM) Approved. FM is a third-party testing organization, who test loss prevention products and services, and certifies that they meet rigorous loss prevention standards.

Rieke’s high quality plastic plugs help reduce the risk of drums exploding when they are exposed to high temperatures. This is because our plugs are highly engineered to melt in the center, releasing pressure buildup and preventing container explosions.  Keeping your people and warehouses safe. Our plastic plugs are compatible with many flammable and combustible liquids and engineered for Rieke’s TiteGrip® and ViseGrip II® closure systems. Designed for 30- & 55-gallon steel drums - available in 3/4" and 2" plug sizes. 

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