Fragrance is no longer only about the scent

With its sustainable and e-commerce-ready pumps and sprayers, Rieke is meeting customers’ new demands in the fragrance market. 

February 2022: Sustainability is arguably one of the most significant trends in almost every industry today – and the fragrance sector is no exception. The scent itself is no longer the only deciding factor. Natural ingredients and a sustainable package are also important to many consumers. At the same time, consumers want e-commerce-ready solutions that keep the product intact and secure during transit. With its ingenious perfume pumps and fine mist sprayers for fragrances, Rieke®, part of TriMas Packaging, is ideally positioned to fulfill these wishes.

A fragrance is so much more than just a beauty product with a lovely scent. It can awaken memories, influence a mood or even be a form of expression. When it comes to fragrances, it’s all about delivering a compelling consumer experience. In fact, a survey carried out by US-based Hearst Magazines, one of the world’s largest publishers of magazine media, and MarketCasts, an American provider of marketing research services, clearly shows that there is a definite change in the fragrance market. And scent is only one of several deciding factors when making a purchase decision.
New trends and needs in an evolving market
With the pandemic, some consumers have shifted their focus to wellness and more holistic self-care, seeking fragrance formulations with more natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. More sustainable and recyclable packaging is also important to them. There is not only a higher demand for eliminating waste and secondary packaging, but many consumers are also looking for refillable options. Despite all these new trends, the delivery of scents and fragrances is a vital part of the consumer experience: “The pump should be stable enough for transport as well as leak-proof, so that the high-quality scent remains inside the bottle and intact while shipping,” explains David Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at TriMas Packaging. Rieke, the innovative manufacturer of specialty plastic dispensing closures, is part of the TriMas Packaging Group.
No metal spring and fully recyclable
While new product development in this market remains somewhat limited, Rieke is constantly working on new products to meet changing market requirements. “We are developing products in our beauty and personal care portfolio that contain PCR (post-consumer resin),” explains Jones. These items can be reprocessed into recycled plastic that is used to make new products. “One of our unique sustainable solutions is the Soffio sprayer from our exclusive AllPlastic range. It is designed for technical excellence, flexibility and style – and is entirely recyclable,” adds Jones. Thanks to the exclusive, patented bellows technology, there is no need for a metal spring. The solution ensures high standards of hygiene while meeting consumers’ sustainability preferences.
With growing demand online, Rieke is also focused on developing e-commerce-ready solutions that eliminate any possible leaks during transit as well as the need for excessive secondary packaging. Since perfume is a high-quality, luxurious product, it is important that the product arrives safely on the customer’s doorstep without leaking or damage. Our Perfume Pump Aluminum Crimp, for example, is tamper-proof as the pump is crimped on and designed to reduce any leakage.
“When it comes to fragrances, it’s all about delivering a premium consumer experience,” says Jones. “Our products enable this, of course, while meeting customer demand for more sustainability and e-commerce-ready solutions.”