Controlled Dispensing for Quick Service Restaurants

Global leading supplier to Quick Service Restaurants

At Rieke, we understand how important it is for Quick Service Restaurants (also known as QSRs) to provide quality food and beverages in a shorter service time than more traditional restaurants. To provide these services, many QSRs have implemented the use of Rieke’s dispensers that provide a controlled volume to ensure even dispersion and a high level of consistency.  
As a market leading in dispensing pumps for the QSR market, Rieke proudly supplies global leaders to help dispense products such as syrup bottles for flavored coffees.

Our pumps such as the RS-10, dispenses a set volume of syrup with each pump of the dispenser, from 5ml to 30ml. Its controlled and accurate dosage ensures that customers receive the same amount of flavoring in their coffee, each time. Guaranteeing the same quality and taste every time.  
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