FND-125 Dispensing Pump

125ml Fixed Nozzle Water Dispensing Pump

Fixed nozzle water dispensing pump. Designed for dispensing drinking water from large water bottle containers found in homes, schools, offices and factories.

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  • Drinking water pump for the large water containers that are found in homes, offices, schools and factories
  • No metal contact dispensing. Meets all FDA requirements for food grade products
  • One handed safe and easy operation, even by children
  • Controlled and measured dispensing without drips and leaks
  • The fixed nozzle prevents unwelcomed bottle movement when dispensing water to prevent spillage


  • Safely and easily dispense drinking water from large containers. One hand operation.
  • Easy to install and transfer from one water container to another
  • The innovative one piece valve system is quick and easy to dismantle for cleaning. No tools are required
  • Adapts to a wide range of snap caps or special threads with a minimum diameter of 51mm
  • Increase your brand's on shelf presence with your brand logo printed on the cap


  • 125ml controlled dosage
  • Adapts to a wide range of snap caps or special threads
  • Fits standard closures with a minimum diameter of 51mm
  • Fits most 5-6 gallon water containers

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