AVDS - Airless High Viscosity Wide Dispenser

Market leading range of Airless Dispensers specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and beauty market

Airless Dispensers provide increased stability, reduced contamination and prolongs the life of the product. It provides the perfect pharmaceutical solution due to its ability to dispense the precise amount of product and is also suitable for beauty products

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  • Airless technology that blocks out oxygen and keeps the integrity of the formula
  • Standard dose output 4ml, designed to dispense the precise dosage and suck-back feature for clean dispensing
  • Simple fill process, wide filling tolerance and top filling with visual content indicator
  • Non-metal contact minimizes chemical reaction
  • Wide design (97mm diameter), available in natural, transparent and custom colors and doses.
  • Tamper evident shipping clip available and shippable


  • Airless technology ensures your product formulation arrives as attended, delivering the full benefits you promise
  • Precision dosage dispensed to deliver the amount needed and preventing overdose
  • Optimized operational processes with easier filling capabilities and minimized spillage
  • Compatible with all formulas that negatively respond to metal, ensuring delivery of your results
  • Customizable to reflect your product needs and to your brand identity


  • Fill Capacity 500g, 750g and 1000g. Dose output 4ml
  • Wide 97mm diameter
  • Pre-assembled one piece piston
  • No metal contact
  • Pumps air via unique valve system
  • Simple Fill and Wide Filling Tolerance
  • Shippable and tamper evident shipping clip available