Lotion Pump Up-Lock - Ziya-A Series

Engineered for precise technology

Rieke have created a lotion pump engineered for precise technology and will delivers quality performance. It provides the perfect solution for household and beauty products.

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  • Suitable for liquid of various viscosities
  • Metal free pathway : no metal contact
  • Can be fitted with our selection of lotion pump bottles
  • Fully customizable for your product needs
  • Up-lock


  • Developed to deliver quality performance for liquid of various viscosities
  • Compatible with all formulas that negatively respond to metal, ensuring delivery of your product benefits
  • Suitable with our selection of lotion pump bottles to meet your product needs
  • Customizable to reflect your brand identity and product marketing
  • Accurate dispensing


  • Dosage Output: 2.2ml (cc)
  • Available sizes: 24/415 Ribbed, 24/415 Smooth, 28/410 Smooth,28/400 Ribbed, 24/410 Ribbed, 24/410 Aluminum, 28/400 Smooth, 28/410 Ribbed, 28/410 Aluminum, 24/410 Smooth
  • Material PP
  • Up-lock
  • No metal contact
  • This product requires your own evaluation to test for product compatibility