Acrylic Airless Bottle Twist Lock Actuator

  • Airless technology is best known for its ability to block out oxygen and keep the integrity of the formula
  • The streamlined and sleek design makes this bottle the #1 choice for prestige and mass products alike
  • Fully customizable for your cosmetic packaging needs
  • Designed for proper dosage and smooth dispensing
  • Allow complete emptying of products
  • Ideal for luxury skin care product, serums and lotions 
  • Available in a variety of designs and finishes: silkscreen/hot stamp/labeled 
  • This product requires your own testing & evaluation for functionality and capacity

Decoration options available:

  • Silkscreen
  • Hot Stamp
  • Label
  • Off-Set
Material - Acrylic
Fill Capacity/Output - 15ml, 0.17cc
Capacity(ml) - 15
Output(cc) - 0.17
Available Sizes:
50ml, 0.17cc,#659986
40ml, 0.17cc,#659985
30ml. 0.17cc,#659984
15ml, 0.17cc,#659983