Key Features

  • Amazon Certified: Tested and approved by Amazon. Passes all of the ISTA-6 testing requirements
  • Innovative Design: Eliminates common failure modes such as Trigger body breakage, Pump head unlocking / pop-up, and nozzle cracking
  • Smooth Transition: Certified for use with the most common pack size in use today (32oz). No need to change your filling line setup
  • Sustainability: Eliminates unnecessary packaging components (e.g. bubble wrap) and minimizes the environmental impact of packaging waste
  • Custom Options: Multiple spray options and colors are available

Customer Benefits

  • Amazon 'Frustration Free Packaging' Certified: Designed to produce less waste and put an end to customer 'wrap rage'
  • Protecting your Product & Brand: Ensures your product arrives as intended. No more damaged merchandise, or negative online reviews
  • Cost Saving: Reduce fulfilment processing time by eliminating unnecessary costly packaging components
  • Avoid E-retailer Fines: Certified solutions reduce the risk of fines for product fulfilment failures and leaks
  • Higher Ranking in Amazon: 'Frustration Free Packaging' items get priority in Amazon search listings

Dosage Output:

  • 0.9cc
  • 1.3cc

Closure: 28mm RIC Ratchet Closure #667807

Spray Options:

  • Spray
  • Stream
  • Foam