Exceptional strong steel flanges for steel containers

Rieke's exceptional strong flanges are highly engineered with a series of serrations that lock into the drum material upon insertion

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  • Unique design that permits it to become an inseparable part of the drumhead
  • Series of serrations to lock it into the drum metal when inserted
  • No flange gasket required
  • Constructed of a heavy-gauge steel
  • Electro-zinc plated finish, but are also available in unplated steel, or lined with commercial coatings
  • Enhanced chemical compatibility


  • Rieke's steel flanges facilitates a smooth thread connection and greatly reduces the chance of contaminating the drum contents with burs or shavings
  • Highly engineered seal of the drum stock to the plug gasket designed to provide maximum product and formula protection
  • Very low profile closure system eliminates capseal damage during stacking and handling
  • ViseGrip II closure system enhances reuse and recycling


  • Size: 3/4 inch
  • ViseGrip II Steel flange
  • NPS pipe threading
  • Available lined and unlined
  • Pieces per case: 500
  • Suitable for 5 gallon steel pails

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