High quality vented pail closure designed for plastic and steel containers

Highly engineered vent. It provides the perfect solution for industrial chemical applications.

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  • Innovative specialty closure
  • Polygrip vent for lined or unlined containers
  • Available in buna or EPDM material
  • Able to vent pressure or vacuum depending on the orientation of the vent
  • One way pressure/vacuum vent
  • Can keep container pressures near neutral in varying environments


  • Due to bloated or leaking containers that can be caused by a negative or positive vacuum
  • Vent allows for vapors to pass through at a very low pressure differential ensuring container rigidity
  • Improved safety
  • Eliminates containers excessive pressure when opening or transporting


  • Polygrip Vent for Lined and Unlined Containers
  • Available in BUNA material or EPDM
  • Can be used as pressure relieving or vacuum venting
  • Reversible vent
  • Pieces per case: 1000

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