I-Squeeze-E Inverted Squeeze Foamer

Packaging Solutions for the E-commerce channel

Rieke has developed the first of its inverted squeeze foamer designed to meet the challenging requirements of E-commerce fulfilment. Reducing the risk of leakage, while simultaneously eliminating unnecessary packaging components and cost.

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  • Amazon Certified : Tested and approved by Amazon. Passes all of the ISTA-6 testing requirements
  • Superior foam quality : Enhanced mechanism designed to deliver superior foam quality when the bottle is squeezed
  • Innovative Design : Squeezable bottle eliminates the need for priming, giving instant foaming when bottle is squeezed
  • Leak Free Solution : Rounded cap profile, reduces the risk of product leaking during transit
  • Sustainability : First foamer made of all plastic with no metal spring
  • Custom Options : Multiple colors are available


  • Designed to produce less waste and put an end to customer 'wrap rage'
  • Ensures your product arrives as intended. No more damaged merchandise, or negative online reviews
  • Reduce fulfilment processing time by eliminating unnecessary costly packaging components
  • Certified solutions reduce the risk of fines for product fulfilment failures and leaks
  • 'Frustration Free Packaging' items get priority in Amazon search listings


  • Dosage Output: Continuous
  • Closure: 30mm
  • Leak Free Solution
  • No metal Spring
  • Passes all ISTA-6 testing