High Viscosity Pump - Viscosa Series

Nautilus is our exclusive range of non-metal contact spring pumps

The Viscousa pump is from our exclusive Nautilus range of spring pumps developed with high viscosity handling up to 150.000 cps. Designed with technical excellence, flexibility and style.

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  • High viscosity handling up to 150.000
  • Metal free pathway : no metal contact
  • Lock down opening and closing 270 degrees
  • Dual opening & closing lock-up and lock-down
  • Caps and actuator are available in any colors and can be customized
  • Water resistant


  • AllPlastic is an exclusive Italian designed range to Rieke
  • Compatible with all formulas that negatively respond to metal, ensuring delivery of your product benefits
  • Safe locking with 270 degree opening makes your product suitable for transporting
  • Caps and actuator are available in any colors and can be customized
  • Accurate dispensing


  • Dosage Output: 2ml (cc)
  • Cap Size: SP 28/415
  • Lock down opening & closing 180 degrees
  • High viscosity handling capability up to 150.000
  • Dual opening and closing lockup and lock-down
  • No metal contact