Child Resistant Cap - S32

Global leading variety of child resistant closures

Our child resistant closures have been designed and developed by our experienced technical engineers to produce the market leading range of child resistant closures. Rieke continually review and develop our range to add the latest technology, security engineering and innovation.

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  • Child resistant closing
  • Available in various gaskets, colors and sizes
  • Specifically designed for PE neck bottle
  • Child resistant cap with a spout inside to pour the product


  • Child Resistant with ISO 2513
  • Customizable to reflect your brand identity and product marketing
  • Spout is designed for best pouring direction
  • Ease of use for adults


  • Suitable for a PE neck
  • Childproof
  • Homologated
  • Diameter: 33 Height: 38
  • Pieces per case: 3000
  • Pieces per pallet: 48000