53mm Child Resistant Cap

An innovative and patent pending protected range of two-piece push and turn child resistant caps

Cleverly engineered to use less plastic on the outer cap reducing the products carbon footprint. Our rigorous performance testing ensures that both quality and sturdiness have not been compromised. A PCR inner cap is also available to deliver an even more sustainable solution.

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  • New two-piece push and turn child-resistant cap
  • Rieke patent pending innovative interlocking inner/outer cap
  • Market leading engineered design using less plastic without compromising the robustness and performance of the product
  • Inner and outer caps constructed of impact-resistant polypropylene-based resin with a PCR inner cap option available


  • Designed with sustainability in mind without sacrificing sturdiness and functional performance
  • Safely protect minors from accessing bottle contents
  • Delivers one of the most sustainable solutions in the market today using cleverly engineered designs that do not compromise the task in hand
  • Clear pictorial instructions on the cap allows for global usability regardless of language barriers


  • PCR inner cap option
  • Color options
  • Fits CMA standard 53-400 neck finishes
  • Compatible with both PET and HDPE bottle materials
  • Various lining options available