An unblemished record of safely supplying the pharmaceutical industry

We protect our customer’s brand and reputation by working closely with the pharmaceutical industry in order to keep life-changing products in safe and hygienic conditions.

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Why choose Rieke?

It is incredibly important for medications and pharmaceutical products to be kept in safe and hygienic conditions in order for them to work and help us feel better as they are supposed to. We work closely with the pharmaceutical industry in order to produce products that help them to achieve this goal, such as airless dispensers, nasal sprayers, child resistant caps and so much more.

Our dispenser pumps are adaptable for a wide range of viscosities, from the thickest of emollient creams to the thinnest of liquids. Our extensive collection of caps cover a wide variety of diameters. They securely seal the life-changing medications, vitamins and dietary additives from the outside world.

Solutions for a wide range of formulas

No matter how complex your formula is, we have a concrete solution to offer you. We have an extensive range of product solutions that can be used with your product easily and effortlessly.

Custom design

Our in-house technical, design and toolmaking teams can create customized design solutions to meet your requirements, including the embossing of products with branding to further customize a product.

Product quality

Our extensive in-house quality team ensures we deliver our products to the highest standards as possible right from the first time. We deliver products that are durable, high quality and ethically complaint.

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