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All of our dispensing pumps are perfectly designed to hygienically and accurately dispense liquid flavorings and sauces of a wide range of viscosities.

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Why choose Rieke?

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are built around providing quality food and beverages in a shorter service time than more traditional restaurants or cafés. In order to provide these services, many QSRs have implemented the use of dispensers that provide a controlled volume in order to ensure even dispersion and a high level of consistency. This can include products such as syrup bottles for flavored coffees that dispense a set volume of syrup with each pump of the dispenser, from 5ml to 30ml, ensuring that each customer receives the same amount of flavoring in their coffee.

Some QSRs combine the services of an eating establishment with the ability for customers to still have some freedoms through self-service features. This can include self-service sauce stations, which can also feature these controlled-volume dispensers. These can help QSRs minimize product waste, maximize cost saving and ensure great customer experiences.



Not only is packaging important to prevent spillages and leakages, food packaging must protect the contents against contamination from external sources and environments such as air, micro-organisms, moisture and toxins.


We understand the role packaging plays in the food industry and the requirements needed in terms of quality and safety, and as such, we ensure that all our products meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for food grade products.

Easy to use and clean

The fast paced QSR market needs solutions that deliver and offer time savings to ensure a great level of customer service. That is why all our pumps are quick to install, easily operated by just one hand, and can be removed for cleaning.

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