TriMas Completes The Acquisition Of Rapak

TriMas completes the acquisition of Rapak, a designer and manufacturer of bag-in-box product lines and related filling equipment used primarily in dairy, soda, smoothie and wine applications.

TriMas' packaging segment now consists primarily of the Rieke®, Taplast™ and Rapak® brands.

In April 2020 TriMas completed the acquisition of the Rapak® brand, including certain bag-in-box product lines and assets from Liqui-Box, after the completion of its acquisition of DS Smith Plc’s Plastics Division. As a regulatory condition, Liqui-Box was required to divest certain parts of DS Smith’s bag-in-box product lines which overlap with Liqui-Box’s current product lines. In turn, TriMas agreed to acquire the Rapak brand name for its use globally, as well as bag-in-box product lines used in dairy, soda, smoothie and wine product applications.

“We are pleased to be adding the Rapak brand name and bag-in-box applications and products to TriMas’ packaging portfolio,” said Thomas Amato, President and Chief Executive Officer of TriMas. “This product adjacency allows TriMas to participate in this socially responsible trend of liquid packaging solutions, while also leveraging our strength in advanced closure and dispensing technology. This acquisition will also add to our diversified base of blue-chip customers serving dairy, soft drinks, liquid food products, wine and other beverage end markets."

In addition to acquiring the Rapak brand name, certain dispensing innovation and aseptic application products and capabilities, TriMas will also obtain all global ownership rights for the Mustang® wine bag-in-box dispensing products. The Mustang product line features an innovative bag fitment with the lowest oxygen transfer rates in the market, and is ideal for wine and other bag-in-box packaging applications. In addition, the acquisition includes the Autokap™and Stericap™ brands and product lines, and the capacity to manufacture IntaSept™ filling machine products.

In 2019, the product revenue related to the acquired Rapak bag-in-box and other products was approximately $30 million. TriMas acquires manufacturing facilities located in Indianapolis, Indiana and Union City, California, and a new facility in the greater Chicago, Illinois area.

To learn more about Rapak, please visit their website by clicking here.