Surface Cleaning Sprayer Soffio

The global pandemic has affected millions of people globally, changing the way we live our daily lives.

Now everyone is more hygiene conscious and this shift is likely to remain, even long after the crisis is over.  

Keeping that in mind, and with the latest trends in the market. Rieke worked hard to increase its capacity not only for all personal care products, but also for their surface cleaner sprayers.

One product that has been highly demanded due to its unique sustainable design and compact size, is our Soffio Sprayer. Our Soffio sprayer is an exclusive Italian manufactured bellows pump. Designed to help you meet your sustainable goals and dispense any liquid.

Many of the surface cleaners contain high levels of alcohol in their formula, which require metal free dispensers to avoid contamination with any metal. For that reason, Rieke’s Soffio Sprayer features an exclusive bellows technology designed with no metal springs to deliver high standards of hygiene. Additionally, its unique design prevents water from going inside the engine and contaminating your formula. Soffio sprayer contains a sliding seal to prevent accidental discharge during transportation.  
The best part is that Rieke’s Soffio sprayer is 100% recyclable, to help you achieve your sustainable goals. Its innovative patented bellows technology look, has helped companies stand out as a sustainable solution.  
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