Introducing our New FS-38 Pull Out Spout Closure to the U.S. Market

Enhancing product safety and security:
Rieke's FS-38 Pull Out Spout Closure helps manufacturers protect their products

There is nothing that cannot be counterfeited. And the market for plagiarism and counterfeiting has grown significantly in recent years. For original manufacturers, this is more than just annoying. The counterfeit product trade can also have far-reaching consequences and even seriously damage a company's reputation. Rieke®, a TriMas Packaging brand, develops and markets a wide range of tamper-evident caps and closures. The company recently launched a new product in the United States: the FS-38 pull out spout closure – specifically designed to enhance product security.

The growing number of consumers searching for the best products at the lowest possible price has opened a back door for fraudsters to enter the global market with their counterfeit goods. And they have been quite successful. According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), trade in counterfeit goods has increased steadily in recent years. In fact, in 2019, it accounted for as much as 3.3% of total global trade. Counterfeiting threatens many different sectors: from shoes and clothing, to spare parts, luxury watches, chemicals and even automotive products and lubricants. Counterfeit products lead to distrust of manufacturers and could greatly damage their reputation. And if they consist of harmful or unapproved ingredients, they can also have far more serious consequences.

Increased security against tampering thanks to the FS-38 pull out spout closure
As a global expert in anti-counterfeiting solutions, Rieke offers a wide range of tamper-evident caps and closures to help manufacturers stay a step ahead of fraudsters. Rieke's latest product, the FS-38 pull out spout closure, is a tamper-resistant solution for plastic containers. The FS-38's retractable pull out spout provides controlled directional dispensing, making it ideally suited for automotive and petrochemical applications, as well as industrial adhesives, paints and coatings, agricultural chemicals, cleaning products and more. Three features make the FS-38 closure an extremely secure packaging solution: an anti-back off feature, bails with a tamper-evident feature and an integrated tamper-evident pull-ring. "The anti-back off feature ensures that the screw cap is securely locked in place on the bottle, making it difficult for removal and tampering to take place," explains Ron Kieras, Director of New Product Development – Closures at Rieke. "This gives our customers increased security, ensuring that their product is delivered safely."
"We are very pleased to be able to help companies protect their brands with our new FS-38 pull out spout closure," highlights Kieras.

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