Pouch Cap Fitment for Flexible Packaging

Rieke introduced in collaboration with Madel Spa the first eco-friendly packaging to reduce the carbon footprint and increase recyclability

Our group of technicians and engineers developed in collaboration with the Madel Spa a new packaging capable to reduce the amount of plastic in the final product. 
Rieke’s new technology gives the opportunity to have a cap with a low amount of plastic. Having the possibility to mold the cap in monopolymer (polypropylene or high-density polyethylene) gives to the final packaging item the ability of being totally recyclable.

The pouch cap joined with the 1000ml laminated bag allows 82% of plastic reduction, compared to same format packaging. Moreover, having the bag and the cap with the same material makes everything totally recyclable in the plastic.
Rieke’s pouch fitment cap features a lightweight design with an innovative set-up to offer the best grip performance. Ideal for refill packaging and on the go products. Available in HDPE and PP for innovative recyclable material.
This product is in line with our focus on significantly reducing virgin plastic introduced in the environment by 2025. Helping you achieve your sustainable goals.  
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