LDS-2e First to the Market E-commerce Dispenser Pump

Amazon is leading the field and changing the rules of the retail market. Despite impressive growth in multiple categories, shipping liquids was proving to be especially tricky.

After visiting Amazon’s corporate office and labs, Rieke was able to get valuable inputs from Amazon from a technical and commercial perspective. Our team then began exploring opportunities to resolve each failure mode to pass ISTA 6 requirements.  
Amazon gave Rieke three criteria for any project:

      1. Eliminate leaks, rather than simply reduce, or contain them
      2. Provide an equivalent or better than brick-and-mortar experience, for the customer -
          that is, for convenience, have no inner seals to remove and a product that is ready to use
      3. Allow consumers to remove the closure—to refill the bottle 

Rieke rose to the challenge and engineered various e-commerce friendly dispensing pumps and triggers that passed Amazon's stringent performance criteria (ISTA6), to guarantee a leak free and 'Frustration Free Packaging' product every time.  
At Rieke, we were the first to the market with our product range designed to meet the challenging requirements of e-commerce fulfillment.

LDS-2e dispensing pump is one example of our e-commerce product range

Our LDS-2e is Amazon 'Frustration Free Packaging' Certified, designed to produce less waste and put an end to customer 'wrap rage', while ensuring your product arrives as intended.
No more damaged merchandise, or negative online reviews. Additionally, our LDS2-e provides a cost saving opportunity, by reducing the fulfillment processing time by eliminating unnecessary costly packaging components.  
Rieke’s innovative LDS-2e dispensing pump has impressed various customers and packaging industry organizations. DOW Packaging awarded the LDS-2e dispensing pump in 2018, as a Diamond Finalist Winner.  
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