Laguna Pump Rides the Crest of the Wave!

Laguna AllPlastic Bellows Pump Rides the Crest of the Wave!

Everything around us requires energy so the priority is to save Co2. Therefore, REN CLEAN SKINCARE brand has chosen Taplast’s Laguna AllPlastic Bellows pump for its award-winning Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Wash. In a pioneering 100% recycled bottle, with 20% reclaimed ocean plastic, Laguna AllPlastic pump fits perfectly in its white color and guarantees the 100% recyclability of the package.

The technology of the plastic bellows replaces the metal spring delivering an eco-friendly solution to our customers

Our AllPlastic pump design stands out from other products on the shelf, giving additional brand advantage. Allows consumers to save Co2, whilst gaining other benefits of having this stylish pump in their home. Its waterproof design prevents bacterial contamination on the product.
The Laguna AllPlastic pumps has a 1.5 ml dosage, a lock up opening and a 90-degree closing.

Available closures: 24/410 or 24/415. Custom colors give an attractive contemporary look to any package!

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