Easy to use dispensing pumps for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

The Quick Service Restaurant industry has growth steadily throughout the years. During this time, Rieke has built great relationship with market leaders in the QSRs, by providing them the best solutions for their establishments. 

Some QSRs combine the services of an eating establishment with the ability for customers to have some freedoms through self-service features, such as sauce stations. 
These sauce stations also feature controlled-volume dispensers, like our easy to use RS-30.
Rieke’s RS-30 dispensing pump was designed to provide versatility and durability. It can handle the widest range of product viscosities, with a variety of dosing options, and can fit a broad range of bottle sizes. 

Its long nozzle design makes it easy for users to dispense ketchup, mayonnaise, or other condiments to their food.  
Rieke’s dispensing pumps for the QSR market offer a hygienic and control dosage from 10ml to 30ml. Customization options are available to help your brand stand out from the shelf. Our dispensing pumps can help you ensure the minimization of product wastage, maximize cost saving and ensure great customer experience. 

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