Cosmetics manufacturer relies on fully recyclable pump from TriMas Packaging’s Taplast™

Environmentally friendly across the board: 
Cosmetics manufacturer opts for fully recyclable pump for dispensing its sustainable products

March 2022: Sustainable packaging and products have long been a concern in the food industry. This forward-looking trend has also reached the cosmetics sector with companies gradually eliminating harmful active ingredients and disposable packaging from their product lines. A Scottish manufacturer of personal care products has been relying exclusively on natural ingredients and environmentally-friendly packaging since 2014. For easy dispensing of its products, the company now opts for the AllPlastic Bellows Pump from Taplast, an innovative brand of TriMas Packaging – remaining true to its philosophy. The press pump contains 100% polyolefin materials and is therefore, 100% recyclable.
Consumer demand for renewable and sustainable materials is growing. This is confirmed by a recent study carried out by the Plant Based Products Council, an association of internationally active companies committed to promoting the bioeconomy. The study reveals that two out of three consumers think about plant-based products when making purchasing decisions. Sixty-one percent are more likely to be interested in companies that produce or use sustainable products. Therefore, sustainability is at the core of the well-known manufacturer of personal care products based in Scotland.
The company is committed to environmental friendliness in all areas. Only natural and sustainable materials are used for its beauty products such as creams, hair care products and make-up. Even the packaging of its products is designed with sustainability in mind. Compostable bags or cardboard boxes with environmental certification are used for shipping the products. The company also works exclusively with plant-based and degradable inks for printing the labels. New to the range are aluminium bottles that can be refilled again and again.
The Taplast solution
The Scottish manufacturer was looking for a sustainable dispensing pump for its aluminium bottles and found the right solution with Taplast: the AllPlastic Bellows Press Pump. “Our AllPlastic Press Pump was specially engineered with sustainability in mind: the patented bellows technology eliminates the pump’s metal spring, lowering its carbon footprint and making the pump easier to recycle,” says Cristina Pinton, Internal Sales & Customer Service at Taplast. The stylish pump is constructed with 100% polyolefin materials, making the recyclability process fully ready for a circular economy. “Moreover, without the metal spring, the pump also delivers high standards of hygiene and is compatible with product formulas that may react negatively to metals,” Pinton adds.
Visually appealing, easy to handle
The pump is especially suitable for liquids such as soap, body lotion, facial care products and hand creams. The shape of the plastic spring in the pump enables easy portioning of the products. “The output of the pump is 1.5 ml (cc), and it can be easily closed and opened with a simple 90-degree turn,” highlights Pinton. When it came to choosing a color, the Scottish company opted for plain black, but the cap, drive and bellows are available in all colors and can be customized. In fact, the pumps are als0 now available in a post-consumer resin (PCR) option to further reduce their footprint and to meet impending Plastics Tax regulations.
“We are delighted that we can support companies with our products on their journey towards greater sustainability,” Pinton concludes.

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