Child-Resistant Closures

Governmental laws require protecting hazardous contents from children, especially when dealing with products in the industrial or automotive market.

At Rieke, we understand the importance of protecting children against hazardous products and protecting the integrity of our customers. That is why we have utilized our in-house expertise in collaboration with our customers to develop our two-piece child-resistant closures.  

Our child-resistant closures, such as the K 375 and SC-38, securely seal the container, minimizing the risk of misuse by children and reduce unwanted spillage. Our child-resistant closures meet all legislations and are certified according to ISO 8317 or certified by the Code of Federal Regulations Title 16, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 

Rieke’s child-resistant closures are compatible with various formulations and applications. Our two-piece closures meet standard neck specifications, allowing you to stay with your preferred container, without investing in adjustments to the container. We offer a wide variety of liner and venting options to meet your specific container requirements.   
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