AVDS Dispenser Adds Value to Ultrabase®

Leading emollient cream Ultrabase® chose our 500g AVDS pump dispenser to help provide a better experience for the patient. 

Our AVDS features a unique dispensing action that ensures 98% evacuation of the container, offering an excellent value-for-money proposition to the end user.  The easy-to-use pump provides controlled dispensing of the product while a special suck back feature pulls product back into the nozzle after dispensing for a consistently clean and hygienic operation.  For added convenience, a security tab prevents unintentional dispense of the product. 
The Rieke AVDS range was specifically designed to handle products that have a very high viscosity and are therefore extremely difficult to dispense effectively. Our AVDS system uses an airless technology incorporating a special one-piece piston that pushes product up from the bottom of the container.  This ensures that at least 98% of the product is dispensed. 

These airless are ideal for air and oxygen sensitive products and a non-metal contact construction means they are compatible with a wider range of product formulations and ingredients. 
Ultrabase® Cream is a high-quality emollient, used for a wide variety of dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The 500g pump is for use on larger areas and for more frequent application. 
“For maximum user convenience, it was important that our pump dispenser worked as efficiently and effectively as possible,” explains Andy Gilroy of Derma UK. 
“Rieke’s AVDS is acknowledged as the market leader for the dispensing of this type of product and as well as its ease of use, the fact that it leaves minimal residual volume is a major benefit in delivering maximum value to the patient and an overall improved experience.” 
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