Augmented Reality Is Now Available

Augmented Reality Is Now Available

At Rieke we have always been pioneers and leaders in the industry, from our start with the steel flanges up to now following the latest trends in sustainability and e-commerce. Now we have taken another step forward and the viewing of our products in Augmented Reality (AR).

AR technology enables our customers to view in real time our products on smart phone or tablet, eliminating the need for a physical sample. To learn more about this exciting new technology, read what Packaging Europe magazine had to say about our AR capabilities.

To experience AR for yourself, just click on the "View In Augmented Reality" button on selected products on our website,

Explore our products with Augmented Reality which include:

Our E-Commerce Ready Products:
RS-3e Dispensing Pump
RS-4e Dispensing Pump
LDS-2e Dispensing Pump
FND Foamer E
U-Squeeze-E Upright Squeeze Foamer

I-Squeeze-E Inverted Squeeze Foamer
Ultimate E Trigger

Our QSR Dispensing Pumps:
RS-10 Dispensing Pump
RS-30 Dispensing Pump
FND-30 Dispensing Pump
Maxi Dispensing Pump
R-30 Dispensing Pump
Hybrid Dispensing Pump

Plus many more products including:
Stork (7.5cc) Dispensing Pump
Visor (3cc) Dispensing Pump
SC Falcon (3cc) Dispensing Pump

PF-17 Palm Foamer
- B 42 CR Closure
B 402 AFZ CR Closure
B 32 DD CR Closure

K 601 D Closure
K 523 AG Closure