Anti-counterfeit solutions for plastic containers

In a recent report by Global Data, it shows that at least 3.5% of the global trade is counterfeit, which is worth at least $1.2 trillion.

In the automotive lubricant industry, the issue is even worse, with at least 6% of the trade being counterfeit. All of the counterfeit damages your brand identity! 
As global innovators and experts in anti-counterfeit solutions, we have the expertise to help you defeat the fraudsters and protect your brand. We have listened to the pain points of market leaders in the automotive aftercare market and engineered a way to defeat the fraudsters with our K 529 closure.    

Rieke’s innovative K 529, closure increases security against counterfeiting and manipulation, ensuring your product is delivered as intended. Its unique triple tamper-evident seals feature a tamper-evident ring, bails with breakable segments and an integrated tamper-evident seal, for ultimate anti-counterfeit solution. But that is not all, our K 529 provides an optimum dispensing control, with its pull-out spout. Including anti-glug segments to ensure smooth pouring.   

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