Key Features

  • Amazon Certified: Tested and approved by Amazon. Passes all of the ISTA-6 testing requirements
  • Innovative Leak Free Design: Features a patented sliding seal design which ensures that the pump remains sealed in both the locked and unlocked position. Thin walled bottles can be easily handled even when the pump is unlocked without the risk of fluid being squeezed out
  • Sustainability: Eliminates unnecessary packaging components (e.g. bubble wrap) and minimizes the environmental impact of packaging waste
  • Custom Options: Multiple colors are available
  • Wide range of uses: Non-metal contact design, suitable for use in the shower without damaging the product formulation. The pump can be specified with Rieke's patented locking head design, specifically developed for the E-commerce sector. Two sets of ratchets on the collar provide a secure and tight closure that prevents accidental leaking

Customer Benefits

  • Amazon 'Frustration Free Packaging' Certified: Designed to produce less waste and put an end to customer 'wrap rage'
  • Protecting your Product & Brand: Ensures your product arrives as intended. No more damaged merchandise, or negative online reviews
  • Cost Saving: Reduce fulfilment processing time by eliminating unnecessary costly packaging components
  • Avoid E-retailer Fines: Certified solutions reduce the risk of fines for product fulfilment failures and leaks
  • Higher Ranking in Amazon: 'Frustration Free Packaging' items get  priority in Amazon search listings

Dosage Output:

  • 3.5cc or 4cc

Closure: 33/410