Introducing the new E-Commerce Trigger Sprayer!

Introducing the new E-Commerce Trigger Sprayer!

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  • Created Date: 2018-02-14

Brand new to the Rieke product line-up is the E-Commerce Trigger Sprayer, a product that has been designed from the ground up to meet ISTA 6 standards and Amazon certified.

Our talented design engineers at Rieke have incorporated a range of innovative features that make this new product not only unique, but also the first trigger sprayer product to be supplied on an e-commerce platform.
To ensure that the product was suitable for the e-commerce supply chain, where products are regularly shipped with minimal protective packaging, several design features were specifically chosen, such as:

• More impact resistant, making the E-Commerce Trigger Sprayer stronger and more durable
• Strengthening of the trigger to help withstand impacts during both shipping and usage
• Improved design to prevent leakage, even with minimal product viscosity
• Tight seal to avoid leakage while still allowing closure removal by the consumer

Rieke is committed to providing our customers with innovative products that can meet whatever their needs are, therefore the E-Commerce Trigger Sprayer has a range of available spray options.

To find out more, or order a sample, please contact us at:

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