Rieke dispenses drinking fudge for Maxi-mum effect

Rieke dispenses drinking fudge for Maxi-mum effect

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  • Created Date: 2014-09-03
Fudge specialist The Fudge Kitchen is using a Maxi Dispenser from Rieke Dispensing for the launch of its best-selling Drinking Fudge into the foodservice sector.

Drinking Fudge is added to hot, frothed milk to create an indulgent hot drink, or to cold milk for the base of a delicious milkshake or frappé.  As one of Fudge Kitchen’s most popular retail lines, it was being sold in many specialist shops which also feature cafés, and this led to demand for a catering version.  Fudge Kitchen therefore needed a means of dispensing the product efficiently, accurately and reliably, and one which could effectively handle the highly viscous liquid fudge.

The Maxi is specifically designed to pump viscous products and those containing particulates.  It features a robust construction, manufactured in food grade materials, with a non-drip nozzle.  It can deliver accurate individual doses between 5ml and 30ml.

“We did a lot of research into a suitable way of dispensing our Drinking Fudge,” explains Fudge Kitchen Managing Director Siân Holt.  “A squeezy bottle did not provide the required portion control but it was difficult to find a pump dispenser that was able to cope with such a thick product.

“The Maxi has proved the ideal solution and indeed stands alone in terms of its capabilities for handling our Drinking Fudge.  It is easy-to-use and reliable, delivers an accurate amount each timeand thanks to its sturdy construction can be transferred between jars.”

The Maxi is being used in conjunction with a 1.3 kilo jar.  Fudge Kitchen worked with Rieke Dispensing to devise a simple and easy serving operation for the foodservice sector.  The dispenser delivers a 15ml dose, with two pumps required for an 8 fl oz cup and three for a 12 fl oz.