Rieke launches new lotion pump for E-Commerce

Rieke launches new lotion pump for E-Commerce

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  • Created Date: 2016-02-22
Rieke has launched a lotion pump that offers a reliable leak-free performance with lightweight bottles which is particularly suitable for the ever-growing e-Commerce market.

The new Rieke RSS35/40 features a unique sliding seal design which ensures that the pump remains sealed in both the locked and unlocked position. This means that thin walled bottles can be easily handled even when the pump is unlocked without the risk of fluid being squeezed out.

In addition, the pump can be specified with Rieke's patented locking head design, specifically developed for the e-Commerce sector. Two sets of ratchets on the collar provide a secure and tight closure that prevents accidental leaking. This enables the pump to withstand the challenges of frequent handling and movement during packing, transportation and delivery.

The RSS35/40 offers a robust construction with non-metal contact operation and a no fluid contact spring to ensure stable, accurate and reliable dosing of 3.5ml or 4ml. The RSS35/40 design prevents water ingress, making it suitable for bathing products.  The pump can be specified in a variety of colours and in addition to its standard design, custom heads and closures can also be created to meet specific customer requirements.

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