New Measured Dose Device

New Measured Dose Device

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  • Created Date: 2017-02-22

Rieke introduces the Measured Dose Device in collaboration with Mibelle Group Home Care, as part of its new launch of the home care brand WINGO in Europe. 

Our innovation and prompt response and agility allowed us to work together. Desiree Renner from Packaging Development explained why they chose us "We believed that Rieke is the only partner for us, who could reach our really tough project timing".

Rieke's new technology allows an accurate measured dose at every squeeze preventing any product waste, reassuring "no traces, no problems" at the same time. This collaboration was ideal as WINGO is always looking for a supplier that has a lot of technical expertise and can give technical support whenever needed...who love to develop new packaging.

Rieke's innovative product was developed with multiple distinctive characteristics. It features a single material design with no metal contact that makes it recyclable, which follows Rieke's sustainability programme and guiding principles. The single-handed application is easy and simple to use and can be applied to a big range of products, such as the new WINGO detergents and cleaners.

The Measured Dose Device is novel and low profile that comes in various types of dosages, ranging from 12ml to 30ml. It also differentiates itself from other products as it can be personalised with endless color options and customized closures.