TaperStack™ Design

Rieke is proud to announce the award of U.S. Patent No. 10,071,835 which covers our Innovative TaperStack™ design, yielding significant reductions in closure gram weight without jeopardizing the functionality or integrity of the part.


Rieke Packaging offer an innovative family of TaperStack™ closures that are nested together and packed as logs in the carton. This nested packing protects the shape of the closures during shipping and warehousing, improving case utilization, and ensuring the caps arrive to the filling line unwarped thus reducing the incidences of cross threading during capping operations.


Compared to traditional loose packed closures, TaperStack™ caps allow 40% more closures per case and per pallet, resulting in a 40% reduction in packaging materials, as well as freight reductions, warehouse space savings, and fewer trips to the warehouse during capping operations. TaperStack™ caps are available in size ranging from 63mm to 120mm.


Key Features

  • Patented Design: Our innovative design offers the highest quality deep skirt round closure caps in the market.
  • Case Opimization: Enhanced case utilization allows 40% more closures per pallet.
  • Product Integrity: TaperStack™'s interlocking design feature preserves the concentric shape of the closure to eliminate warping.
  • Sustainability: Cap weight is reduced by 20%, allowing us to provide a more sustainable solution over traditional designs.
  • Lockliner: Improves liner retention, preventing curling & blowout failures during our customer's capping process.
  • Superior Design: Guides and centre the lid onto the container for more efficient capping; decreasing incidences of cross threading.


Customer Benefits

  • Filling-Line Efficiency: The patented design protects closure integrity, decreasing incidences of cross threading and line stoppages during filling line capping operations.
  • Reduced Freight Costs: The interlocking cap design allows 40% more caps per pallet than traditional tumble packing. Our customer's distribution costs can be decreased by up to 40%.
  • Space Saving: Greater pack density reduces warehouse space demands by over 40%. Greater unit count per case reduces filling line stoppages by minimizing non-value added trips to the warehouse to replenish supplies.
  • Global Support: Switching to a TaperStack™ closure requires only minimal adjustment to the cap feeding system. Our industry leading technical support teams are on hand to assist.
  • Increase In-Store Visibility: Increase the product's shelf presence by with customisable embossed, de-bossed, printed or coloured cap designs. Tamper evident seals are also available.




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