Rieke Packaging Systems: News: 2016 Annual Golden Bus Awards
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Rieke Global team

Rieke Global team

Delfino De La Garza with our President David Pritchett

Delfino De La Garza with our President David Pritchett


2016 Annual Golden Bus Awards

Following last year’s first awards ceremony, the 2016 Annual Golden Bus Awards took place in India.

Here in Rieke we value the outstanding work of our people and for that reason the awards aim to recognise them throughout the business. These awards consist of 9 categories from which performance is measured across all Rieke locations during the year.

The winner of the 2016 categories are:

·         Fastest growing plant in $ terms – New Albany

·         Fastest growing plant in % terms – New Albany

·         Highest level of productivity % achieved – Hamilton

·         Highest level of improvement in Operating Income % - Hangzhou

·         Highest level of forecast accuracy – Leicester

·         Highest growth product/customer – Leicester

·         Best performing plant– Irwindale

·         Best performance to the customer – Leicester

·         Overall vertical performer of the year – Asia

·         Outstanding individual of the year – Delfino De La Garza, Purchasing Manager- Rieke Mexico

The 2016 outstanding individual, Delfino De La Garza shared with us his experience of the ceremony and the reward.

“I am grateful for being awarded among other outstanding nominees, who deserve the recognition as well. The Outstanding Individual of the Year 2016 Award has been a sublime experience.  My dedication and hard work were not only recognized by Rieke Mexico but also by the Senior Management Team.

The experience was exciting and shared with people from the organization and my family.  Being able to do a bucket list item with my wife was a blessing.

The Annual Golden Bus Awards will always be an unforgettable moment of our lives. “

Congratulations to all of the winners for your commitment and work!

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