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Drum Brochure
Download Drum Brochure

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Pail and Can Brochure
Download Pail and Can Brochure

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Dispensing Brochure
Download Dispensing Brochure

Innovators of the first mechanically inserted plug and flange assembly for drums, Rieke Packaging Systems is now the world leader in closures for industrial drums and open head containers.

Offering a complete range of products from the essential VISEGRIP® II plug and flange to the custom designed LEVER-LOCTM ring, Rieke’s drum closures guarantee easy, efficient application and reliable sealing.

CAUTION: Prior to specifying Rieke Packaging Systems products, always determine if they are compatible with your materials and packaging environment. Factors such as temperature, pressure and chemical composition may impact your requirements. Failure to follow these instructions can create a hazardous condition.

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